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Series: How to Start a Brew Pub

How to start  a brewpub

Episode One: Choosing a Business Model

What business model is right for your brewery? Clemmy, Jake and Lachy discuss the ins and outs of Brewpubs, Wholesale and a combination of both.

Episode Two: Site Selection

The team talks through selecting a site that's going to meet the requirements of your brewery, and what to look out for so you don't get any nasty surprises during the build.

Episode Three: Is Good Beer Enough?

In this episode the team answer the question, Is making good beer enough to be successful?

Episode Four: Budgeting

Budgeting, it might sound boring but without it nearly every brewery will struggle. Listen in for some hot tips on how to budget.

Episode Five: Consultants For Breweries - Who's Worth The Money?

The team chats about all of the different consultants you can use when building your brewery. We'll give each one a score out of 5 pints to keep it interesting.

Interview with Woolgoolga Brewing Co

Woolgoolga Brewing Co, one of Australia's best new breweries join Lachy to talk through their experience of building their brewpub.

Episode Six: How To Size Your Brewing Equipment

Today, Jake and Lachy are talking tightly about how to choose your style and size of brewing equipment.

Episode Seven: How to best leverage the Australian excise rebate for your brewery

The Australian Excise Rebate. Today Lachy and Clemmy discuss the rebate and how best to make it work for your business.

Episode Eight: Safety is Cool

Making beer is so fun that safety of often forgotten about. But we're here to tell you that safety is cool! It's also the most important system you'll manage in a brewery. Listen to us discussing some key points to consider when setting up a safety system in a brewery setting.

Episode Nine: Crafting Your Range Of Beers

Crafting a range of beers that's interesting, engages your customers and isn't all same samey presents a few challenges. Today we chat about some options on how to do such a thing.

Episode Ten: The Final Sprint.

Today we're discussing the Final Sprint. Those last few days and weeks before opening and the little things that get left to the last minute. Without them you couldn't open.

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