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WellBrewd designs, manufactures, delivers and installs industry leading equipment to project sites throughout Australia and South-East Asia. 

Many of our customers have gone on to be award winning brewers and distillers. 


This is the dream for most aspiring brewers, and the reason we started WellBrewd. 

We can design, manufacture, delivery and install everything you need to start your new chapter as a brewer of exceptional quality beer, with our team of experienced brewers there to guide you the whole way. 

Our process engineer will design the brewery to fit your commercial space to the highest degree of detail, allowing for factory-side rough-in of plumbing & electrical to get your brewery producing faster than any other supplier. This will save you big time on your project cost, whilst having one of the best quality breweries in the country. 



Our fermenters are the best in the business, featuring:  

 - Shadowless top mounted manways
 - Fully jacket integrated glycol pipework

 - Coved to internal surface to prevent dead legs
- Sanitary sample taps
- Rotating racking arms or standpipes
- Designed and built to Australian Standards
- Remotely monitored in-tank density and temperature
- Shortened outlet pipes
- Air actuated glycol control valves

fermentation vessels.jpg


This is our 4th iteration of our own design, featuring: 

 - 100L, 200L & 300L+ options available

 - No dead legs or chemical mixing in pipework
- Ability to CIP tanks, pipework or other plant independently
- Recirculate CIP fluid in plant
- 1 x heated 1 x ambient reservoir

Screenshot 2024-01-17 041237.png

Steam Boilers

Skid mounted for ease of installation
- Water softener, feed water  and blowdown vessel all integrated
- Pre-fabricated steam pipework as standard
- Electric elements in feed water tank
- Highly efficient with lower flue temps and gas usage

1000008770 (1)_edited.jpg

Keg Washers

- Automatic operation
- Acid or steam options for  sanitation
- Clean up to 30kegs/hr
- Steam or electric heating option
- Siemens PLC & HM

Screenshot 2024-01-17 042306_edited.jpg
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