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Anthony Clem - Managing Director

Anthony Clem
Managing Director

Anthony is a passionate, award-winning, brew expert with over 20 years of industry experience.

He is a trained chemist with special interests in engineering and fluid dynamics.

Anthony's years of working in both mass scale and smaller brew environments, have ingrained in him the kind of deep, industry insights known only to few.

On seeing the rise and fall of many craft breweries, Anthony decided to create WellBrewd as a solution for those seeking high-quality advice to streamline their operations and avoid the pitfalls of the brewing business.

As an active member of the industry, he has served the IBA Quality Committee, authoring their technical papers. Anthony has also worked as a panel judge for numerous beer competitions.


Lachy Crothers - Commercial Director

Lachy Crothers
Commercial Director

Lachy has broad knowledge of how to take beers from an idea to market.

As a process and quality focused brewer with 14 years of commercial experience, Lachy understands that successful breweries are about more than just good beer.

Having worked at and managed breweries across Australia and the UK, he has obtained world class insights into top-notch beer and how it's produced.

As Founder and HeadBrewer of Ballistic Beer Co, Lachy gained additional understandings of the business side of brewing. 

He has successfully managed many brewery projects from brewery expansions to complete turnkey greenfield sites for both brewpubs and large-scale production breweries.

With a passion for automation and clever design, he has drive to build processes and systems that produce world class beers.

Lachy has been a professional beer judge for ten years.


Jake Banachak - Technical Director

Jake Banachak
Technical Director

Jake  is an impassioned brewer with a keen palate for great beers.

Coupled with an immense desire to optimise the brewing process, Jake works smartly to take brews from design concept, to implementation, to glass.

He has a Masters in Bio Molecular Chemical Engineering and five years of hands on brewing experience in small and medium scale breweries. 

He has a passion for increasing efficiency and thus improving sustainability and environmental impact across the industry.

He has seen what works and doesn’t work across in the brewing space, and keenly applies his knowledge to further the industry he loves.

Jake's ambition is to help move craft beer forward into a positive sustainable and economic future.

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