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Artisan Continuous Distillation Systems: Versatile, Efficient, Beautiful.

In the world of artisan spirits, the pot still has long been heralded as a symbol of quality. Yet, as technology advances, so does our mastery of still design, paving the way for the innovative MK18 and MK19 semi-continuous and continuous distillation systems. These systems redefine efficiency and productivity within a compact design, making them perfect for venues where space is at a premium yet demand for capacity remains high.

They embody the ideal of achieving more with less, offering the ability to produce high-quality spirits without sacrificing space or efficiency. For those who cherish the hands-on approach of small batch distillation and the rich tradition it represents, the MK18 system provides a bridge between the old and the new. It allows for continuous wash stripping and vapour infusion while maintaining the capability for batch spirit runs and pilot-scale experimentation.

On the other end of the spectrum, the MK19 caters to established brands seeking to elevate their production capabilities. This fully automated system supports continuous production of spirits with up to 93% ABV, boasting an impressive production rate of 20L per hour at 93% ABV while consuming as little as 28kW and achieving a recovery ratio of 98%. This represents a significant advancement over traditional pot still methods, setting a new standard for efficiency and quality in spirit production.


Our Distilleries

WellBrewd designs, manufactures, delivers and installs industry leading equipment to project sites throughout Australia and South-East Asia. 

Many of our customers have gone on to be award winning brewers and distillers. 

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