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WellBrewd designs, manufactures, delivers and installs industry leading equipment to project sites throughout Australia and South-East Asia. 

Many of our customers have gone on to be award winning brewers and distillers. 

This is the dream for most aspiring brewers, and the reason we started WellBrewd. 

We can design, manufacture, delivery and install everything you need to start your new chapter as a brewer of exceptional quality beer, with our team of experienced brewers there to guide you the whole way. 

Our process engineer will design the brewery to fit your commercial space to the highest degree of detail, allowing for factory-side rough-in of plumbing & electrical to get your brewery producing faster than any other supplier. This will save you big time on your project cost, whilst having one of the best quality breweries in the country. 


Artisan Continuous Distillation Systems: Versatile, Efficient, Beautiful.

In the world of artisan spirits, the pot still has long been heralded as a symbol of quality. WellBrewd's continuous stills redefine efficiency and productivity within a compact design, making them perfect for venues where space is at a premium yet demand for capacity remains high.


Reduce upfront costs and maximize long-term savings with WellBrewed and SureFire Boiler Co.'s innovative boiler systems.

We've combined WellBrewed's design expertise with SureFire's efficient boiler technology to create a winning solution for brewers.

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